Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why I Tweet

I've been on twitter for a month now, and I'm loving it. I love connecting with people who agree with me, and aren't afraid to voice their opinions. With the way my beloved country is moving, it's a comfort to me to hear other Conservative voices raised in outrage.

I hear people say that the country is at a boiling point--both on and off Twitter--and I agree. There is a palpable anger in this country that's been held in check for years, and is now being let out to rage freely. When the GOP held the White House, people were angry at the polarization of my beloved country, but trusted the inhabitants of the White House, and kept the anger in check. However, with the Dems having control of both Congress and the White House, the rage is surfacing. People voted for a change, not really caring what that change might be, and now we have it. Unfortunately, my beloved country is getting what it asked for. I personally think it sucks.

Twitter is an outlet for my rage at the Government--all Government. I can rant and rave, and not hurt any one's feelings. I can laugh at the zingers my friends get off, and I can foment revolution. In fact, a lot of my friends on Twitter agree. Government is too big, Socialism doesn't work, terrorists are our worldwide enemies, and it's not "Overseas Contingency Operations" it's "The War on Terror". People on Twitter say what's on their mind, and that honesty is refreshing. There is no political correctness on Twitter. It is what it is, and calling it another name doesn't change what it is. "A rose by any other name..."

The really mean, below the belt stuff generally comes from the left-leaners, and as much as the Left would like you to think so, if you look at things through the prism of reality, you have to be conservative. Liberals cannot carry a rational argument of their position, so they generally denigrate into name-calling, swearing, and false accusations. Another sign that the conservative world view is the true world view, not some tie-dyed, rose-colored fantasy that the Left wants us to believe.

Personal responsibility and accountability are dead in my beloved country, and until/unless we can resurrect them, my beloved country will fail. The greatest experiment in recorded history, democracy on a grand scale, is always changing and growing, as the Founding Fathers intended. What they didn't intend was that the government would become our nanny. The Libs want just that. And they are getting their way. This is not the country I want to pass on to my children.

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