Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Left-Wingnut Media

All this talk about the media ignoring, downplaying and belittling the Tea Party and 912 movements has gotten me thinking. The Left-Wingnut media has been fairly irrelevant for years. Let me explain.

Back in the day-the early 90s-when my family and I and thousands of others were involved in the pro-life patriots and sit-ins, we witnessed first-hand the apathy of the media. When Operation Rescue launched the "Summer of Life" rescues in Wichita, KS, against George Tiller, the Left-Wingnut Media was almost there. Their slant on the sit-ins was about how unreasonable the protesters were. Then the coverage completely disappeared.

Do you know that the brutality the police (to protect and serve) unleashed against the pro-lifers was never reported? Peaceful, non-violent protesters suffered broken bones, numerous soft-tissue injuries from bruises to nerve damage, dislocated joints (usually shoulder) and more. Pregnant women were hit and kicked in the stomach, and at least one woman suffered a miscarriage as a result.

What about the annual March for Life in Washington DC? This event routinely brings tens of thousands of protesters to DC, yet almost nothing is said about it, even by FOX News.

So, what's my point? Twofold, I think: 1) The Left-Wingnut Media has been irrelevant since before the advent of 24 hour news outlets. The difference today is that the print media has decided to go the way the video media went long ago. 2) We no longer, if we ever did, need the Left-Wingnut Media. The internet and other alternative information outlets have worked very well this year, and will continue to serve as a way to get the word out.