Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Following the Founding Fathers

I'll start by saying I have the utmost respect for my country and her citizens. The United States of America has, for over 200 years, been a shining beacon of hope for the rest of the world. The citizens, Americans, are a breed apart. We may have started as German, English, Irish, African, Indian, but when we became Americans, we changed. We became a race of people dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals, a race of people who invite hard work, take risks and reap the rewards. We lead the rest of the world in innovation, industry and income. The "poor" in America are richer by far than the poor elsewhere, and sometimes richer than the middle class in other countries.

The Founding Fathers realized this new breed of Americans needed to be independent. They were wise enough to make the governmental framework loose, giving us the choice of more or less government. They were wise enough lay out the Bill of Rights, the 10 Constitutional Amendments specifying rights under this new government for her citizens. They were wise enough to know that the future would bring changes, and allowed for changes to be made through the Constitution by amendment. They even knew that liberty was not free, and put their trust in the citizenry to protect that liberty.

Today we stand at a crossroads. Will we, the people, continue to follow the corrupt government like sheep, or will we follow the Founding Fathers and protect our liberty. "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." We have already given up the right to life for a huge portion of our citizens. On a daily basis we slaughter 4,000 of our pre-born citizens. We allow "assisted suicide", which is an oxymoron almost as ridiculous as homophobia. Homophobia, translated correctly, means fear of oneself. Suicide is, by definition, a singular act designed to end one's life. "Assisted suicide" is nothing less than euthanasia, murder. As our corrupt government takes more and more control over America's health care, we will be evaluated as to our usefulness economically, and then we might get a part of the socialist health care we pay for through our sweat, time and energy.

Our liberty has been taken away slowly in the guise of many things. Gun control-registering your legally owned, Constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms. Not "your right to bear arms if the government says it's OK". We have allowed the government to tell legally owned private businesses they cannot allow legal activities in those businesses. Does "smoking ban" mean anything to anyone? Worse, we have stood passively by as the current government takes over the car companies, the banks and insurance companies. Are we as free as we were even 30 years ago? No. We allow laws to usurp our freedoms, and are fearful of opposing them because we will be seen as "intolerant", "racist" and "insensitive". Count me as intolerant and insensitive.

I am intolerant of women who believe the precious gift of a baby is "a blob of tissue" to be discarded at will. I am intolerant of people who believe others who are not "normal" should be put to death through euthanasia. I am intolerant of people who think they know what is in my best interests. I am intolerant of people who believe a loud, rude minority should tell everyone else what should and shouldn't be. I am insensitive about saying what is true and real; I say those things. I am insensitive to fringe groups that believe the mainstream should kowtow to them. I am insensitive to political correctness. I believe being eternally correct is more important.

Of all of out Founding Fathers, John Adams is my favorite. He struggled his entire life with feelings of frustration. He saw so clearly what was and what needed to be done, and was frustrated with his inability to effect change. He was known for his fractiousness, his unpopularity with his peers, and his bluntness. John Adams was not a man to mince words and he followed his mind and heart to the end of his life.

I, too, am very frustrated at this historical juncture. I see very clearly what needs to be done, and I don't care who I offend by saying so. I don't try to make my speech flowery. I don't care who I call out as traitors to the cause. Abortion is Murder. The best size for government is tiny, close to minuscule. I say we need to throw them all out, by force, if needed. I want to see the euthanasiasts try to take a member of my family. It will not be pretty. I want to see the government official who tries to enter my home against my will. It will not be pretty. I want to see someone try to make me do something I believe is wrong. They may kill me, but they won't be able to make me do it.

Freedom is more than a word or concept. It is a way to live. We, the people, have forgotten what true freedom is, because we have all been willing to trade our freedom for security, or equal rights, or political correctness, or whatever.

Join me in living free. Do not allow anyone to take away your freedom. I may be put to death, but it will be as a free person.


  1. Kate, I really enjoyed this article. I also love our country and its' founders. I am a fat forty-something homeschool mom, with the same goals. Please feel free to leave comments on our blog as well. http://www.thestarforum.org

    I really want to get groups of people meeting face to face and learning about our country and it's founding again.

    Best of luck. FREEDOM CAN WIN!

  2. You are a patriot Kate, continue to speak out!