Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why Welfare Doesn't Work (Literally and Figuratively)

So. I'm now working at a convenience store, pretty much full-time, and I've been seeing things that need to be talked about.

Last night a woman walked in, talking on her smart phone a mile a minute, and proceeded to pick out soda, chips, dip, and candy bars. She came up to the counter with her hands full of basically junk, still talking on her cell, and "paid" for everything with the "Quest" Card. This is WI food stamps. It is in the form of a "credit card" so the food stamp users don't have to be "stigmatized" for using my money to buy junk. She then proceeds to walk out, still on the phone, and gets into a newer, nicer vehicle than either my husband or I drive and leaves.

Excuse me?!?

This is someone buying junk on my dollar, and because I pay for her food, she has a better car than I do. This is outrageous! This is the stuff that makes the Right Troll emerge from under her bridge! And here she comes.

Lazy, good-for nothing, think I owe you a living because you're black, white, hispanic, latino, korean, mung, American Indian, whatever, get up off your lazy butt and do something. I am part of the American public who is no longer willing to pay people to do nothing. This includes "shovel ready" projects across the nation. Puhleeeze! I've been seeing some of them at work, painting fire hydrants, painting light posts, very important things like that.

We are merely creating another, larger generation who will ultimitely believe anything that's any good comes from the government. This insidious creep of totalitarianism started with FDR and the First Great Depression. LBJ, who was probably the biggest benefactor from JFK's death, managed to cram "The Great Society" stuff through in the 60's. (LBJ, riding on the coattails of the Dallas assassination, passed much more then JFK had been able to.) The slope is so much steeper now, thanks to the afore-mentioned presidents, that the descent has become rather dizzying.

Is anyone left clinging tenaciously to the side?


  1. My husband worked in a convenience store for years, and he just commented that he only saw foodstams used appropriately ONCE (milk, eggs, bread).

    The rest of the time they were used for JUNK.

  2. Why can't they follow the WIC system, which gives vouchers for only certain foods - milk, eggs, cereal, baby formula, juice, that kind of thing.

    Of course, then the government would need a $10 billion overhaul of the food stamp system ... but at least the kids at home would eat something besides the "convenient" crap Mom wants.

  3. If the government wanted people off of welfare they would offer a hand up instead of a handout. The problem here is when recipient (A) gets (X) dollars in benefits each month and then he finds himself a job, they take away more (X) than he makes at his new found job. If any of you on the RIGHT could think for yourself, you would fix this but instead all you can find to do is complain. If there is no incentive to work, it's one thing, but what this system creates is an incentive, it's just one not to work. Would you want to take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back?